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4 Factors A Beginner Should Look For In Camera

4 Factors A Beginner Should Look For In Camera

Before you finalize on the type of camera to buy for your photography profession you should think about these four factors that would help you know the steps of camera to buy and it’s relationship with your intended choice of photography.


– Cost
Usually, anyone who is about to take up photography, have limited budget for camera and necessary equipment. Even if you have so much i will recommend you set out a little budget for the camera and equipment until you see how prospective the business if for you before you decide on getting more professional cameras and equipment.

– Durability
Second of all, durable is key factor for a beginner because they are yet to even know how to take care or carry the camera and there is possibility that the camera will fall a few times, it could be very discouraging if it slips once and stops working, more so, everyone buying a camera, especially a beginner would want to use it for a long time until they are perfect and have covered the money in which they used in purchasing the camera and probably want an upgrade, therefore, durability should be kept a key factor in mind.
Their preferred camera within the stated measures above, having weather seals with every buttons and knobs protected against weather is a good protection measure.

– Simplicity
Every photographer wants freedom from complexity and intricacy because any second wasted on the photography job trying to set or reset your your camera can cost you the moment that could fetch you your next job, therefore, beginners must go with cameras with less complexity in general setting buttons.

– Functionality
Functionality in this context means where the camera functions most or the area of photography the the camera is most effective.
All cameras may appear to have the same function or features of shutter speed, aperture and ISO but the hidden truth is cameras have categories which work differently in different areas of photography; some camera are good for recording and bad for photography, some are good for portraits and not so good for landscape some camera are more productive at night shots rather than day shots and so on, on that grounds, beginners should strongly identify the form of photography they wish to go into and buy a camera that serves better in that area.


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