Our delivery services are fast and reliable. We guarantee to deliver your order within the shortest time possible.

Delivery reputation
We only ship with world renowned companies so that your packages will be delivered prompt and in perfect condition.

Tracking and monitoring system
Our tracking and monitoring system is easy and true all the way to the final destination.

Free delivery
Meet $50 order minimum for free shipping.

Note: Fast delivery may be limited on holidays and high-volume shopping days like Christmas Day, New Year’s Day etc.

Types of shipping
We run two types of shipping; paid and free shipping.
You will be notified on the website if your item and location is eligible for free shipping or paid shipping.

No-Rush Shipping
For every order you select No-Rush Shipping, you’ll receive an immediate discount automatically applied to your order at check out.
Selecting the No-Rush shipping option means you are not in a hurry to get your order and can be sent within 10-15 working days.
Our No-Rush service is free of shipment fee

OU Mackson free shipping day
OU Mackson offers free shipping of shipment to customers once every month. (Terms and conditions applied).
There are no specific dates to these offers; dates are decided and disclosed on the OU Mackson page.
*Terms and conditions of O U Mackson free shipping day

The OU Mackson free shipping day is only for Lagos shoppers alone.

Method of shipping
We may ship products by ground or air; our shipping speeds don’t correspond to any carrier-branded shipping services.
Our shipping methods apply to business days, weekends and holidays.
Remember to check the ordering cut-off time shown on the detail page.

Delivery support desk
Feel free to call our delivery support team anytime, we are always available to assist you.