Direct all your questions here, we would be glad to address all of them. This medium is best for aspiring users to avoid delay in an attempt to reach us.

General FAQ

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Our weight in the media industry coupled with our team of professionals provide grooming, growth and mentorship for our models
OU Mackson is a world class brand and with it's traffic of visitors can give maximum exposure to models while throwing them open to other modeling opportunities
Shooting with OU Mackson will build your portfolio as it has strong presence in the media industry and social network
OUMackson as an entity have a strong arm of advertising which is a big form of promotion for models on the platform

Interested models can reach us via our official email or via our contact details otherwise, find and fill our models application form for an inclusiveness and we can create a profile for you on

If you fill our pro profile application form, your request for inclusiveness may take up to 2 weeks or more to process, and we plead that you exercise patience during this period.