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10 Secrets of becoming fashion icon at 50s by ou mackson.

“Will” in Fashion By ou mackson.

"Will" in Fashion By ou mackson.
“Will” in Fashion By ou mackson.

“Will” in Fashion.

Debunk the pressure from fashion historians and trend forecasters who tend to make a certain style, shape or size seem ideal to stand out fashionably. Its like using their standards to judge us all, when we can create our own style which tells our stories and still look stunning in them.

When it comes to fashion, your style counts and the story behind your choice of style matters. We are all special and beautiful in our diversities.

Comprehensively, fashion goes beyond just a style of clothe. It is the depth of one’s idea of design, view in color combination, comfortability in certain fabrics and style, from the way it is made; to patterning fabrics into your preferred styles, to your confidence is wearing it head-high.
Most commonly, fashion is understood to be what is trending and designers’ ideas and styles they want to trend, while in actual sense, fashion should be the style you choose, understand and prefer or feel comfortable in, with the strong knowledge of it being characterized by change, hence, a decided choice of style in a geographical territory shouldn’t mandate your style and over shadow your preferred choice of style and preferences.

Religion and culture which is a big influence in the fashion world as it has certain principled lay-out fashion doctrines and rules as to how people of certain faith or believe should dress to uphold its modesty, however they give you the will power to dress in your style and preference, in as much as it is within the moral standard of the culture or religion.

Every style formed by a designer is like a piece of art sculptured by an artist and certainly has a story behind the idea, in other words, the designer of a style has his story that lead him to create that style. The bottom line is, follow the fashion code to create your own style you are comfortable in, and let your untold story be read through the eyes of many.


O U Mackson's profile: O U Mackson, born Ozuruonye Mackson Uchenwa is a Nigerian journalist, filmmaker, talent manager entarprenuer and the founder the talent promotion company O U ENTERTAINMENTS and CEO O U Mackson. Date of Birth: 2nd February 1992 (28 years) Hometown: O U Mackson hails from Eziama Uturu in Abia state Family: Ozuruonye Uchenwa was born into a polygamous family of 3 legal wives and 16 children. O U Mackson is the 4th child of his mother; Mrs Obiesie who was his 2nd wife and the 12th child of the family. Background: O U Mackson was born in his hometown Uturu but moved to Adamawa state at infancy to Professor Calistus Akosim; a guidan, where he started his daycare and nursery education at University Nursery School then primary school at University Primary School. He optained his First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) in the same school before he moved back to his parents in Uturu, Abia State to continue his secondary education at the Assumption Model Technical School, Uturu then completed Senior Secondary School Examination (SSCE) at Osusu Secondary High School, Aba, Abia state. Ozuruonye Mackson Uchenwa gained admission to study Mechanical Engineering in the Federal Polythecnic, Ilaro, After his Ordinary National (OND) in 2012, Ozuruonye Mackson Uchenwa enrolled in the University of Alaska Fairbanks USA, in the first quarter of 2013 and emerged one of the best graduating students of 2016 from the English department where he studied English Literature/Letters (BA) In 2019 Ozuruonye Mackson Uchenwa completed a postgraduate diploma (PGD) in journalism in the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) Work Experience National Television Authority (NTA10) Program Canvasser National Television Authority (NTA2) Field Journalist/Producer Betex Communications limited Producer/Director PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS • Script Writing - Certificate - 2010 • English/Human Relations - Certificate - 2013 PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS • CEO O U Entertainments ( • Author of 3 published books • Graduate Member of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) HONOURS Best Prose writer of the year, award 2010 Association of Nigeria Authors, Ondo Chapter. Awarded by: His Excellency the Executive Governor of Ondo State. (Dr. Rahman Bamidele Mimiko)

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