Our assurance policy covers the financial interest of OU Mackson customers and provides remuneration for unforeseen certainties.
This is a fundamental to supporting our strategic direction to the best interests of our customers.

Our guarantee policy includes:

  1. Delivering consistently high quality items and good levels of productivity,
  2. Being receptive and flexible to our customers’ needs,
  3. Developing a culture of engagement and teamwork; between our staff and customers,
  4. Focusing on continuous improvement of our services.

To support the above, we will:

  • Comply to all legal requirements related to OU Mackson operations and other requirements to which OU Mackson subscribes.
  • Review performance against established criteria.
  • Develop our operational systems and practices together with support services to improve performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct employee training to ensure competency to meet the business vision and objectives.
  • Maintain and continually improve our quality management system

The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of our company’s Board and the

responsibility is discharged through Management and supervisory staff.

In case of a problem or if you simply don’t like the product, you may fill in the return form and get a refund

You have  a right for a refund if you have not received your package after 3 days of maximum estimated delivery date or if you received a different order from what you’ve ordered.