Pants and leggings

In the eighth century, pants-wearing became everyday thing in central Asia where it is believed to have originated from and Europe. It started off being worn by the rich and high status people before it gradually spread to every other male.

Americans call trousers pants while in the UK pants are underwears but in this case we refer generally to any outer garment that covers the body from the waist downwards, covering each leg separately, usually as far as the ankles, tailored or not, that has waistband, belt loops, fly front, etc.

The interesting thing about men’s pants is that they
come in sizes that fit anyone; Short, tall, fat or slim.

Types Of Pants For Men

There are different types of pants which are classified mainly by fit and fabrics, but the main types are dress pants, jeans, khakis, chinos, sweatpants Pleated Pants, Cargo Pants,
and Pants with Flat Fronts. All pants listed above are associated with men however, women wear some of them.

Khakis are usually in dull colours like brown, dark yellow black etc. Khakis can be worn as casual or to work.
Khaki is made of cotton or twill which makes them very comfortable, they are stylish and look great with any type of shirt.

pants and leggings by ou fashion
pants and leggings by ou mackson


Cargo Pants
Cargo pants are made from sturdy fabrics and are loose-fitting, thus, are great for hiking or trekking.
Cargo pants which is also called combat pants is what most fighters and sports people wear for training because of its comfort.

Popular Womens Pants

The leggings are very popular ladies wear and on the top list for women’s pants.
Leggings are tight-fitting and usually made of fabrics such as cotton, denim, or lycra and also come in different colours, but most women prefer dark-colours of the leggings because they match any blouse they wear with it.

pants and leggings by ou fashion
pants and leggings by ou mackson


The capri pants are mid-half length and as such have a crop look.
Capris are made out of different materials such as, denim, nylon, cotton, and polyester, but are hardly made of a dressy material as they are normally worn as casual.

Yoga Pants
Yoga pants are not for exercise class alone. They are very comfortable skin-tight pants because they are made of cotton. they allow you to move well because they are usually made out of fabrics such as cotton.

The palazzo pants are usually very loose-fitting and are made to fit women who are leaner in stature. Palazzos go well with trendy blouses and tank tops. The legs of a palazzo are very wide and the pants themselves are very loose.

Unisex wear
Some pants are worn by both men and women. There are so many pants worn by both sexes but jeans and sweatpants are most popular.

Jeans are among the most widely worn pants anywhere in the world and can be worn with any clothe such as shirts, tops, t-shirts and blouses. Jeans are comfortable and are worn as either a casual or formal. It is both worn by men and women.
Women jeans also come in a wide variety of styles, like high-rise jeans, low-rise jeans and any type of jeans you may want to suit your shape or body.

Sweat Pants
sweatpants are one of the best and most comfortable unisex wear. If you want a comfortable unisex wear for relaxation or athletic event then you should consider the sweatpants.



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