Modern female Ankara style

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African print cloth, often referred to as “Ankara” or “African wax print” cloths, are made by hand through a combination of traditional and contemporary technique.
1.Fabrics: The foundation of an African print cloth is the fabric. The fabrics are characterized by vibrant, colorful patterns and designs. The African print cloth is mostly made of cottons and it is durable too.
2.Pattern cutting: The fabrics pattern is carefully cut to give a nice traditional or contemporary style and design.
3.Sewing: The cut fabric pieces are then skillfully sewn together, following the specific pattern and design. Sewing is done with great precision to ensure the cloth shape and fit are accurate.
4.Lining: The cloths usually have linings for comfort.
5.Decorative: Some African cloth are adorned with decorative like beads, sequins, or embroidery to add extra flair and can be tailored to suit individual preferences or cultural significances.
6.Finishing: After the cloth is tailored it goes through a quality control process to ensure all seams are secure, and the overall appearance is good.
7.Care and Maintainance: Proper care and maintenance instructions might be included with the cloth, especially if it’s made from delicate or hand-dyed fabrics. This ensures that the vibrant colors and patterns stay intact over time.
The African print cloth is made by two skilled artisans working by hand and through machine production. The unique and vibrant aesthetic of African print hats is a common thread that ties them together. The creativity and cultural significance of these hats make them a cherished fashion item, reflecting both tradition and contemporary style.


Modern female Ankara style from ou mackson
Modern female Ankara style by ou mackson