Stand Out In A Photo Shoot

How To Stand Out In A Photo Shoot

OU Mackson 

•Communicate The Brand’s Concept In Your Expression.

Communicating expression


Shooting for an outstanding model goes beyond presentation of clothings but a strong way to communicate the brand’s/designer’s concepts, vibes and imagery.

•Relationship With The Photographer


To be outstanding in a shoot you must be able to relate with your photographers. Communication and understanding with your photographer is a must, to develop trust and better work-flow.

However, your relationship should be kept professional and in line with the ethics of photography and modeling.

•Study The Brand/Product.

Perfect brand photo 

Models represent a particular product, brand or advocacy and should be able to study the brand, product or organization well enough to be able to represent them in the best way possible. You are picked for the shoot because you embody what the company, brand or organization wants and you should be able to deliver as a professional, using their belief, acceptance in the society or branding as a tool.


•Make A Team With Your Stylists.


The fashion industry relies on creativity and talent, and it’s important for creatives, which includes the model to work as a team.

Stylists and models work as a team to portray the true concept of a client.

Team-work is important in shoots as it is in any other sector. As a team, everyone’s opinion is needed, your contribution as a model may not necessarily be an opinion, a smile or complement on your outfit, hair-style or make-up is good enough.

The more a model embraces team-work, the faster and more efficiently they grow in professionalism.

•Know Your Poses.

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Best pose 

Pose, is to assume a posture or attitude for artistic purposes or to affect an attitude.

Baring the above definition in mind would build a psychology that there should be a provoking reaction of variations of looks, glances, reactions, and emotions on your face as a model.




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