You are currently viewing Tie-dye trend of the 70s celebrated in 2020.
Tie-dye trend of the 70s celebrated in 2020 by ou mackson

Tie-dye trend of the 70s celebrated in 2020.

Tie-dye trend of the 70s celebrated in 2020 by ou mackson
Tie-dye trend of the 70s celebrated in 2020 by ou mackson

The 1970s stands the crowned best decade for fashion and beauty. A study of 1,000 people found more than 40 percent would choose the disco era if they could revisit a decade.
Most of the hit styles we rock till today are majorly styles from the 70s.
A lot of us have so much love for the trends that emerged in the 70s although we were not fortunate enough to witness it. However, the good old days left trends we still enjoy today.
From the high-waisted jeans still trending today, corduroy textile pants, their disco songs, circular sunglasses, the afro hairstyle, tie-dye to mention but few.

Tie-dye is a way of styling the shirt
with natural dyes from berries, leaves, roots and flowers to color shirts.
This was invented in the 60s and got popular in the 70s after the hippies used it as a symbol of peace.

The tie-dye styling method was said to have started in China and Japan, However, the tie-dye got very popular when “The Hippies,” a politically informed counterculture group, of majorly educated African Americans, originally a youth movement that began in the United States,
who rejects the mores of established society by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living and advocates a nonviolent ethic broadly, protested the Vietnam War, and promoted peace and love, using the tie-dye clothing with vibrant colors and psychedelic designs as a symbol of non-violence.
In that same year, tie-dye became a Pop Fashion trend and has been renewed each decade till date.
The tie-dye shirt has made it back to the spotlight this 2020 with the most trending color of 2020 “Pink.” That is a triumphant come back with some colour your wardrobe.
The tie-dye shirt is the easiest pattern to make on a shirt as it has the professional way and DIYs to get it done yourself.
Tie-dying is exactly what the name says.
To get your T-shirt dyed follow the instructions below.
Twist your T-shirt, tie it with rubber bands in various sides of the shirt to get desired design and then dye it. After dying, the twisted and folded areas of the shirt reveal a cool colored pattern. Rinse and then dry and you are good to go.

A lot of celebrities are in the for forefront of wearing this regurgitating fashion trend.
Vanessa Hudgens, stepped out on an oversized tie-dye sweat suit pairing it with a matching black baggy sweatpants in LA.

Nicki Minaj also tried out the trend but went with a much more casual look when she was out in Hollywood. The rapper rocked the cozy look with a pair of baggy bright tie-dye drawstring sweat shorts with a black tie-dye T-shirt and the matching sweatshirt. List of celebrities who recently rocked the tie-dye includes Gigi Hadid, Genevieve Nnagi, Tylor Swift and Rihanna.
The tie-dye is definitely a legendary style to try.


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